Proud Juniors!

One of the best things about the juniors programme at HSTC is the two awards pictured here. They are awards for juniors who may not necessarily be the best players but are those that show a great attitude to learning the game and the way they conduct themselves when playing sport at HSTC.

The award for girls is provided by the Soroptimists and is made in remembrance of Gill Smith who was a long time member of the Spa Lawn Tennis Club. This year the award is made to Freya Smith (no relation!) – well done Freya for enjoying your tennis and we at HSTC hope that you continue to enjoy tennis long into the future – much like Gill did.

Note: Soroptimists roughly translates as ‘The Best of Women!’

The award for boys is the Richard Camrass trophy named after our founder. It is inscribed with the word ‘ACE‘, which is a well known tennis term but translates in this case to Application, Conduct and Enthusiasm. This year the award went to Tom Scott who has been exemplary in all three aspects. Well done Tom and I trust he will continue to show those qualities throughout the year that he holds the award.