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A message from the Chairman,

Hi All, the LTA have just issued guidance on how clubs can reopen. (It’s on their website) In a nutshell we will have to carry out and record a thorough risk assessment and then develop specific guidance for our club as to how we will “return to restricted play”. This guidance must then be issued to all members, and then we can take the physical steps necessary to prepare the club facilities and erect the nets. Clearly all this will take a few days and I’ll send an email update to all members as soon as the Spa Board and Tennis Harrogate have agreed the mechanism. In the meantime please bear with us! What we can say now is that when we restart only singles play will be allowed. There is one exception to this in that members of the same household (only) can play doubles. The clubhouse will only be open for toilet use, and even that will only be permissible if we can implement an appropriate enhanced cleaning regime. So, as I say, your trustees and directors are on the case! Please don’t attempt to book courts or go to the club until we have given the green light. Thanks in advance for your co-operation, Steve

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