It was sunny, wet and windy for the HSTC men’s doubles club championships today, but everyone stoically stayed on court. Organised by last year’s winners David James and Jonathan Guiritan, the format was two divisions of six pairs playing five matches of six games, with two points for a win and 1 for a draw. Division A was won by Mark Upton and Roger Suggett, with runners up Mike Smith and David Bean. Division B was a bit more tricky with three pairs on 7 points, and two pairs on equal games, so a 7 point tiebreak decided that Ian Charters and Ben Toulman were winners, with David James and Josh wood runners up. Semi finals will be played independently with Upton/Suggett v James/Wood, and Charters/Toulman v Smith/Bean before the final which is from 2.30pm on 19th September.