Men’s Team News Catch-up

As I’ve been away on holiday I got just a little behind on reporting the results of the men’s team matches, so here goes!

The first team playing in Division 4 have had two matches in my absence. They played ‘Starbeck 2’ away, on 19th May but unfortunately came away worse off losing 9.5 to 2.5. However undaunted they pressed on to their next match against ‘Rowntree Park 2‘ at Claro Park and reversed their fortunes winning well by 9 to 3.

The second team are finding life somewhat harder this season having managed to get promotion last season they are meeting stronger opponents. They have only played one match whilst I’ve been away, playing Wheldrake at Claro Park but lost by 10 to 2. However I’m sure they will keep striving in their upcoming fixtures.