Membership is taken on an annual basis from 1st April each year. There are several categories of membership available, as follows shown with the ‘normal’ annual subscription fee:

Full Memberships

  • 2 Adults – £360/£30 pm
  • 1 Adult + Junior – £180/£15pm
  • Adult (aged over 25 years) – £180/£15 pm
  • Adult (aged 18 yrs – 25 years) – £95/£8pm
  • Junior (age 14 to 18 years) – £55
  • Supervisory Adult + Junior (over 9 – under 14 years) – £55
  • Supervisory Adult + Junior (under 9 years) – £15
  • Social (any age!) – £5
  • Discretionary (Special offers for disabled/hardship cases) – £Apply

‘Taster’ Memberships for 4 Months (Time Limited Memberships)

  • 2 Adults + Juniors £120
  • 1 Adult + Junior £60
  • Single Adult (Over 25 years) – £60
  • Single Adult (18 – 25 years) £32

A discount may apply if paid before 1st April. Membership is open to all including wheelchair tennis players as the centre’s courts are accessible by wheelchair.

New memberships taken up after April 1st are subject to a pro rata payment. Please contact the membership secretary, Martin Yates on 07941 973645 for more details.

Full adult category memberships can be paid by monthly instalments for a small annual premium.

Benefits of Membership

Besides the benefit of being able to play on some of the best tennis courts in Harrogate, HSTC members can also benefit by joining British Tennis which will enable them to take part in the centre’s own ballot for Wimbledon tickets. If this interests you please look here.


Anyone who is interested in joining the centre may download the Membership Form.

All new members will need to complete the form in full, sign it and return it to the postal address on the form or drop into the postbox at the clubhouse.

The centre’s membership form contains a number of consents including the use of personal data held for the purpose of club membership. Please complete all items as appropriate.

Upon receipt of a membership application a member will receive an invitation to register with the *ClubSpark system to allow court booking and membership renewal.  Registration is a once only exercise. A short guide to the registration process is provided here.

NOTES: The following notes are applicable to everyone who is considering joining the HSTC.

  1. Membership runs from 1st April to 31st March. The subscription renewal rates represent the fee for a full year of membership.  
  2. Subscription renewal notifications will be sent via email and payment, which should be made before 31st March, will be able to be made using the *ClubSpark system.
  3. Subscription rates will be set at the AGM and are therefore liable to change.
  4. HSTC Articles of Association, Membership Policy and Club Rules can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate document.
  5. All age limits above apply as at 1st January.
  6. As HSTC is affiliated and is fully registered with the LTA the Centre requests that all individuals become British Tennis Members (currently at no additional charge). The benefits of being a BTM include entry into the ballot for Wimbledon tickets; a player rating if desired; and discounts and priority booking for tennis events around the country e.g. the Davis Cup. Ts & Cs for British Tennis Membership can be viewed at the LTA website.
  7. Upon completion of a membership application an invitation to register with Clubspark will be sent to enable the court booking procedure and subscription renewal payments.
  8. Full rate adult memberships entitle a member to vote at the centre’s AGM.

Please note that if you have a serious medical condition and/or you have not played tennis or any other sport before or in recent years HSTC recommend that you take medical advice before applying to join.

ClubSpark is made available through the LTA and is copyright to Sportlabs.