Harrogate Spa Ladies vs Leake – another Win!

The Spa team of Emma, Margaret, Carolyn and Emma headed off to farthest venue at Leake. We knew there was  good chance it would be rained off, but the weather was sunny when we left.

Both pairs started well, each having a 6-2 result in the first set. Carolyn and Louise  came away with a 6-1 win in the second set, just as the wind started howling and the sky going black. The heavens opened as Emma and Margaret were 4-1 up in their second set. Huddled in the clubhouse, we had an early tea and thought there was no chance we would be restarting. The rain was torrential with thunder and lightening directly overhead, which never seemed to move. After quite a long break, the sun did come out, and the courts dried but the team at Leake seemed reluctant to carry on.
They were happy to concede the games in the remainder of the first round second set. Another win for Spa but it would be nice to complete the full sets.

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