MEMBERS’ BOOKING PROCEDURE: Members are able to book time to play on the courts up to 28 days in advance. The process for court booking is:

  1. Check court availability which will take you to the *ClubSpark system; log in using your own email address / password for *ClubSpark.
  2. Access the court booking screen to reserve the required date / time slots and confirm selection.
  3. An email confirmation will be sent to the member’s email address.
  4. If you wish to play using floodlights you will need to purchase floodlight tokens from the secretary, Nigel Bentley, (07827 441805) or the Tennis Director, Carolyn Rothwell, (07900 567904). Tokens are available at £6 per hour.

There are 6 courts available to be booked. There are 3 artificial grass, floodlit courts (Nos 1 – 3) and 3 tarmac courts (Nos 4 – 6).

PLEASE BE AWARE FOR MEMBERS’ COURT BOOKINGS: Before a member can use the court booking system they MUST be registered with the *ClubSpark system. Instructions to register are provided on the membership page.

NOTES ON GENERAL USE OF THE COURT BOOKING SYSTEM: The following points are to be noted with respect to court availability and the booking system.

  1. Members will be able to reserve a court 28 days in advance.
  2. There is no charge for Members use of the outdoor courts (Nos 1 – 6)
  3. Time slots for booking courts are in periods of 30 minutes up to a maximum of 2 hours per individual booking.
  4. Individual members are restricted to reserving a single court per day.
  5. Players are requested to treat the booking process with consideration for all users and users of the courts and to not unnecessarily reserve court(s).
  6. Players are requested to ensure that courts are ‘released’ as soon as possible if they are not required so as to be available for other users.
  7. Days / time slots will be reserved for regular and ad hoc activities and shown on the court availability system:
    1. School Usage
    2. Club Social Play
    3. Team Play/Practice
    4. Coaching
    5. Junior Play
    6. Ad Hoc events e.g. Club Tournaments; Open Days; special festivals
  8. Regular and ad hoc activities will be reserved in advance of the 28 days booking period and also advertised in the clubhouse on the ‘Tennis Activity’ noticeboard.
  9. The Centre reserves the right to remove the booking facility from individual members if the booking system is not used appropriately.
  10. All players using the HSTC courts agree to abide by the Club Rules and Court Booking Terms in force at the time.
  11. Everyone is asked to observe the On Court Conduct  notice which is documented here and on notices at the Centre.
    1. Please use the mats provided when entering and leaving the courts.
    2. Please do not take glass/bottles on court (Drinks only to be taken on court in plastic containers).
    3. Please do not take food on the court.
    4. Please take all litter away with you.
    5. Please do not take CHEWING GUM on court
    6. Enjoy your tennis and respect those on other courts
    7. No offensive language/swearing on court.
    8. Please lower the tennis nets after use.
    9. Please keep the court gates closed at all times and ensure they are closed when leaving.
    10. Care to be taken not to damage the court surfaces and associated equipment.
    11. Please report any damage on the courts to an officer of the centre.

* ClubSpark is made available through the LTA and is copyright to Sportlabs.