Future Plans

HSTC has a singular ambition to create a major sporting destination for North Yorkshire.

The club is actively pursuing the development of a modern tennis based sports centre for Harrogate. The venture is in conjunction with a local school, Harrogate High School, and is supported by the LTA, Sport England, North Yorkshire Sport and Harrogate Borough Council.

The overarching Vision for the proposed centre in summary, is to:  

  • Provide a state of the art tennis centre with a range of modern indoor facilities.
  • Create a critical mass for efficient use of sports facilities establishing availability for the whole community.
  • Establish the operation of the centre as a non-profit, charitable enterprise with ALL surpluses being ploughed back into the enterprise to create a long-term sustainable future for the centre and the sports involved.
  • Create a focus for the young people/ sports participants in Harrogate and district and thus to expand the “base” of players taking part in sports and using the centre.
  • Provide facilities for the community to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle through sporting participation.
  • Facilitate an improvement in the quality of sports coaching, raising the level of coaching staff and as a consequence drive an improvement in the overall capability of all players, this in turn leading to the establishment of a performance centre ‘hub’ for the Harrogate and District tennis community.
  • Develop a relationship with Harrogate High School to educate and inspire pupils in the benefits of sporting leisure pursuits.
  • Create a dynamic / momentum that allows the sports to develop and expand participation to enable the sports to keep pace with competitive/ alternative attractions.
  • Provide a location for use by the whole community; able and disabled, young and old, learners and experts – i.e. Everyone!

The project has been approached in a phased manner and having completed Phase 1 (Relocation) progress is now under way for the next phase to complete the indoor court facility. It is hoped that this can be followed by the development of a modern, larger, clubhouse with social and other complementary facilities.

The proposed development will be funded by a combination of  self-provided funds made up from altruistic donors and organisations, grants and loans from commercial bodies within the town and private members’ loans these being complemented by sports organisation funds and loans  .

Anyone interested in or wishing to contribute to the project in any way, shape or form or to assist the project in any capacity can contact the Centre by email: HSTC@hotmail.com