The HSTC was recently audited by the LTA in respect of our approach to Safeguarding and associated responsibilities. The result of the audit which came to us last week was, in summary:

“Harrogate Spa Tennis Centre is currently a small club that is embarking upon a new phase of redevelopment that will include indoor courts and new facilities. The committee members and coaches spoken with were confident in their safeguarding duties and were keen to make sure safeguarding and diversity and inclusion were major considerations in the design of their new facilities. Members spoken with were happy with the venue and felt safe there. The Club appeared to be very well run.”

This was a great result (I especially like the last sentence) and reflects well on everyone who contributed to the audit process but in particular our two Welfare Officers, Carolyn Rothwell and Lindsay Brogatzski. They would like to remind all members that the responsibility for Safeguarding really falls on everyone at the Centre as we all have an interest in making sure that our’s is a great place to play tennis.