The centre is pleased to offer the facility to ‘Pay & Play’. Non-members are able to book time to play on the courts up to 7 days in advance. It is now possible to pay online; the procedure is shown below:

  1. Establish the current court availability. (All free slots will be shown on the court booking sheet).
  2. Select the court, date and time you wish to play.
  3. The cost of each half hour slot selected will be highlighted. (A court can be booked in half hour segments up to a maximum of two hours. Only one court per day can be booked by an individual).
  4. Upon selecting the total court/time required please pay online.
  5. Confirm the booking by text or call to 07827 441805 to arrange access.
  6. Play cannot commence until payment has been received.
  7. The cost of hiring the courts is as follows:
    1. Tarmac Courts – £8.50 ph.
    2. Artificial Grass courts – £10.50 ph (£21 ph with floodlights).
    3. If you wish to book courts using floodlights you will require assistance at the site when you play. Please call 07827 441805 to arrange for assistance, preferably before completing the booking.
  8. If the booking cannot be taken up due to inclement weather then please call 07827 441805 to book an alternative slot or to claim a refund.
  9. The club can be emailed on for more information.

NOTES ON THE USE OF THE COURT BOOKING SYSTEM FOR PAY & PLAY: The following points are to be noted with respect to court availability and the booking system.

  1. ‘Pay & Play’ courts can be booked up to 7 days in advance.
  2. A court can be booked in half hour segments up to a maximum of two hours. Only one court per day can be booked by an individual.
  3. Players are requested to treat the booking process with consideration for all users and users of the courts and to not unnecessarily reserve court(s).
  4. Players are requested to ensure that courts are ‘released’ as soon as possible if they are not required so as to be available for other users.
  5. The Centre reserves the right to remove/restrict the booking facility from individuals if the booking system is not used appropriately.
  6. All players using the HSTC courts agree to abide by the Club Rules, Court Conduct and Court Booking Terms in force at the time.
    1. All players are asked to observe the main points of the court conduct which are documented here and on notices at the centre.
      1. Use the mats provided when entering and leaving the court.
      2. Do not take glass on court.
      3. Do not chew gum or take food on court.
      4. Do not use offensive language on court.
      5. Take all litter away with you.
      6. Enjoy your tennis and respect those on other courts.
      7. Lower the nets after use.
      8. Close the gates when leaving the courts.
      9. Lock the main entrance gate when leaving the site.
  7. Thank you for visiting the HSTC ‘Pay & Play’ site.