Project Status

The project has now completed Phase 1 of what is expected to be a two phased development. The phased approach is described in more detail here.

2016 – having had the excitement of being able to complete the development of the first phase of the project the impetus now switches to a two pronged approach to finalise the design of the Phase 2 Centre and to lobby for funding from diverse sources to get the job done. Work will continue into 2017 to progress the project.


The development of Phase 1 is covered here: Simply follow links for status throughout each month from April 2015May 2015June 2015July 2015August 2015.

Other prior notable dates:

Date 30/03/2014 – All planning conditions are met and legal agreements concluded which facilitates the commencement of the project proper.

Date 30/11/2013 – the formation of the company (limited by guarantee –  Reg No: 08561467) and its adoption of charitable status (Charity Reg No: 1154633)

Date 30/07/2013 – The planning permission is granted for both of the sites involved i.e. the existing club ground at Kent Drive, Harrogate and the site of the new centre at Harrogate High School.

Date: 11/03/2013 – The project is in ‘preparation mode’ and is currently awaiting the granting of planning permission. (Planning applications have had to be made in conjunction for both the “new” site at Harrogate High School, and the Spa Lawn Tennis Club’s existing site at Kent Drive).