Rusty Racquets

One of our coaches, Chris Dight, runs “Rusty Racquets” sessions which have proved in the past to be a good way of introducing people to the club. This is a great addition to the club’s activities and can be used to get more people involved in the sport and the club. If anyone knows of any ‘like tennis but can’t play’ or ‘shy & retiring’ or ‘used to play but it’s been too long’ types or simply someone who would like to use the game for a little exercise to get healthier and fitter, please encourage them to contact Chris.  This is an opportunity to familiarise people with the club/game whilst having some fun and without the pressure or formality surrounding normal playing of the game.

The sessions will take place on Thursday evening from 6:00pm – 7:00pm. Please contact Chris Dight (Mobile: 07958 517251. Email: if this activity interests you.