The Vision

The overarching Vision for the proposed centre in summary, is to:  

  • Provide a state of the art tennis/ table tennis centre with a range of modern indoor facilities.
  • Create a critical mass for efficient use of sports facilities establishing availability for the whole community.
  • Establish the operation of the centre as a non-profit, charitable enterprise with ALL surpluses being ploughed back into the enterprise to create a long-term sustainable future for the centre and the sports involved.
  • Create a focus for the young people/ sports participants in Harrogate and district and thus to expand the “base” of players taking part in sports and using the centre.
  • Provide facilities for the community to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle through sporting participation.
  • Facilitate an improvement in the quality of sports coaching, raising the level of coaching staff and as a consequence drive an improvement in the overall capability of all players, this in turn leading to the establishment of a performance centre ‘hub’ for the Harrogate and District tennis community.
  • Develop a relationship with Harrogate High School to educate and inspire pupils in the benefits of sporting leisure pursuits.
  • Create a dynamic / momentum that allows the sports to develop and expand participation to enable the sports to keep pace with competitive/ alternative attractions.
  • Provide a location for use by the whole community; able and disabled, young and old, learners and experts – i.e. Everyone!

Scope of the project: the basis of the project to establish the new centre was to use a realisable asset,  supported by additional funding form other donors, sports bodies, charities etc into top class sports facilities.

The whole process, in two phases, Phase 1 having now been completed, involves:

  • The relocation of the Spa Lawn Tennis Club from ‘old’ facilities to ‘new’ facilities (P1).
  • Location on leasehold land adjacent to the HHS playing fields for consideration of a peppercorn rent in return for a 50 year lease(P1).
  • Provision of a ‘brown field site’ for much needed residential building land(P1).
  • Provision and extension of excellent sporting facilities for use of the HHS pupils and potentially a number of the surrounding schools(P1/P2).
  • Enhancement of, and co-ordination with, the Harrogate Borough Council Local Development Framework, Community Sports Regeneration Area, Action Plan, with which the project has already consulted and recent participation in the H&D LDF working group planning for sport(P1/P2).
  • The construction of a state of the art, modern sports centre based on tennis(P1/P2)
  • The provision, improvement and development of sporting and coaching facilities for tennis and table tennis and complementary activities e.g. exercise classes, gym use(P2).
  • The provision of public and community accessible, including disabled access (wheelchair), sporting facilities, including in particular an indoor tennis arena(P2).
  • The co-location of sports at a facility which also provide excellent ‘clubhouse’ facilities in terms of social areas, multi-function areas, changing rooms, gymnasium, etc(P2).