Harrogate Spa vs Cawood – Away Win with Spa taking 7 points to 2 for Cawood (Games 66-42) – Read on for the Andy Clayton sock story

The mens team had a good win on the road this morning.
Many thanks to:
James Lofthouse (Vice Capt) / Jamie Sigsworth
Andy Clayton (Capt) / Andrew Davis
Andy TC (Top Cat) Chapman / Mark Upton
Thanks to Mark & TC for Driving.
We beat Cawood 10-2, assisted by the power of “Andys Greysock”
Today was proof that the wind blows just as hard at other venues!!
Round 1 was a close affair, James L & Jamie S and Andy C & Andrew D halving their rubbers 6 all.
We were ahead 2-1 in rubbers and 20-16 thanks to the 8-4 victory By Andy Chap & Mark U.
Round 2 was even more convincing, we rattled up 24-12 games in round 2 and took all 3 rubbers. We headed into the third round 5-1 in rubbers and 44-28 in games.
The final round was also convincing , 22-14 games and 2-1 in rubbers.
It was notived at the end that the team captain ended up wearing 1 white sock & 1 grey sock.
Mark hypothesised that i got dressed in the dark, but the switch was made during the 3rd rubber.
I was investigating the feeling of discomfort in my right foot, and I noticed a massive hole in my sock. Fortunately i carried a spare pair, but decided that i would only change 1 to limit the delay time.
Final Rubbers score Cawood 2 Spa 7. Final Score games Cawood 42 Spa 66
Final match score Cawood 2 Harrogate Spa 10 (7pts for rubbers & 3 bonus points for the games victory)

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