Harrogate Spa Mens vs York 4 secure 6 points each in a great match

Harrogate Spa and York 4 could not be separated Sunday 4th June.
Match result 4.5-4.5 in rubbers and 54-54 in games.
Both teams secures 6 vital points each.
The match was almost delayed, Ciaran Sullivan decided he would rather play Harrogate Racquets. He was re-directed by his skipper and the luck of the irish prevailed as he cheekily won the first rubber.

At the end of round 1, it was 1.5-1.5 and 18-18.

Round 2 saw the visitors take a lead winning round two 2-1 in rubbers and 20-16 in games.

The home side had to dig deep and reversed the round two score to tie the match and share the points.

The consensus at the end was that it was probably a fair result which could easily have tipped either way.

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